The day when something new began.

That is the weird thing about life, some people have it all figured out and the other lot have no idea about what they want to do. Do they want to drop out of college and pursue writing or do they want to complete college and get a good paying job?

The great expectations

We get so obsessed finding ‘Mr. Darcy’ that we forget that our Darcy doesn’t completely resemble Elizabeth Bennett’s Darcy. We forget that our Darcy comes in a different shade and size.

My typical Sunday

Sunday hasn’t always been the most relaxing day for me. When I was in school I had a ton of things to do on Sundays – catching up on pending work, studying for a Monday test, going for tuition and getting an hour long workout in. At that time, Saturdays were what Sundays are now,…

Chaos and dark colors

How long before people with cracked minds shatter into pieces? How long before their dark red blood spills on the mosaic floors revealing everything, setting everything free? Days? Weeks? Months? One Day?

7 Tips to make bad days better

This week has been the worst for me. Life was throwing one curve ball after another and basically everything was going wrong in my life. Amidst the chaos I tried to do a few things to make myself feel better and I did have a few good moments. I am sure everybody has these kind…