Red Flags

If you keep your eyes closed it almost looks like a stop sign. Open your eyes sir. Open them!


“Kill your darlings before they kill you.” I hear my creative writing professor say.


What will my ending be like? Will it be silent? Will the rain wash away my voice, my scream? Will there be no spectators to moan when the last breath escapes my mouth?

The enchanting entry and exit of a bedazzled woman

When my eyes fell on her, a small gasp escaped my mouth. The gasp brought everybody’s attention towards me and then everybody followed my line of vision to look at the woman i was looking at. The hall echoed with gasps. The lights of the hall dimmed and the only source of warm strong light came from the lamp hanging over the head of Sapna Choudhury.

How to be rich in college

Remember the saying, “Penny saved is a penny earned?” If you said ‘yes’ to the aforementioned question, remember that saying like your life depends on you, because it does, tattoo it on your arms, write it on your wall in capital letters, do whatever it takes to remember it.


I spend a good amount of time reading books, watching videos about books, buying books and arranging and re-arranging books. I wasn’t much of a reader three years ago; in fact I think I just read six or seven books in the year 2017. I found my profound love for reading in the year 2018,…

The day when something new began.

That is the weird thing about life, some people have it all figured out and the other lot have no idea about what they want to do. Do they want to drop out of college and pursue writing or do they want to complete college and get a good paying job?

My typical Sunday

Sunday hasn’t always been the most relaxing day for me. When I was in school I had a ton of things to do on Sundays – catching up on pending work, studying for a Monday test, going for tuition and getting an hour long workout in. At that time, Saturdays were what Sundays are now,…