I spend a good amount of time reading books, watching videos about books, buying books and arranging and re-arranging books. I wasn’t much of a reader three years ago; in fact I think I just read six or seven books in the year 2017. I found my profound love for reading in the year 2018, when I was introduced to Harry Potter by my sister. I read sixteen books in 2018. It is in this year that I started carrying a book wherever I went, it was this year when reading became a part of my being.

I started reading voraciously in mid-2019. I made a new friend in July and she inspired me to read more. Before I met her, I was mostly reading one or two books each month, but after she encouraged me to read more I was reading about four books each month. I read thirty-three books last year. Initially I only read books by acclaimed authors, but in 2019 I slowly expanded my horizon. My friend helped me pick up books that aren’t popular but are great books. Basically, having a reading buddy changed my reading life, so please get yourself a good reading buddy.

I generally shied away from reading books that aren’t love stories and this habit had resulted into me missing out on some of the greatest stories in the history of time. So, as I sat on my desk with my pen and my reading journal at the end of last year to make reading resolutions, I promised myself that I would pick up more of thrillers, mysteries, historical fictions and books from other genres. I also made a resolution to read 40 books this year. So far I have been sticking to my resolutions pretty great and have already ticked off 3 of the 10 reading challenges I set for myself this year.

I have a thing for stories about the women of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle-East. It fascinates me to read about their lives. These regions have a very distinct culture and most of these countries are ruled by Sharia law. Reading about the female-female and male-female dynamics of these areas help me to understand how different these women’s position is in comparison to western women.

As of late, I have been loving reading stories written by eastern and south-eastern Asian authors or books portraying lead eastern and south-eastern characters. Japanese, Vietnamese and south Korean cultures have been peaking an interest in me and this year I want to learn more about it. I just started a book called ‘Sweet Bean Paste’ and it is set in Japan. From the synopsis of the story I already know I would love the book.

Books are beautiful things. Books enlighten my mind and light up my soul, books help me to see places I have never been to and connect me to people I have never met. If you aren’t a reader, I encourage you to become one today! You don’t have to read a ton of books to become a reader, you just have to be consistent with your reading habit. Pick up whatever book you want, read whatever genre interests you. Let books change the way you think, let books drive out your prejudices and ignorance, let books make you creative and quench your thirst for aesthetics.       

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