Red Flags

If you keep your eyes closed it almost looks like a stop sign. Open your eyes sir. Open them!


“Kill your darlings before they kill you.” I hear my creative writing professor say.

The enchanting entry and exit of a bedazzled woman

When my eyes fell on her, a small gasp escaped my mouth. The gasp brought everybody’s attention towards me and then everybody followed my line of vision to look at the woman i was looking at. The hall echoed with gasps. The lights of the hall dimmed and the only source of warm strong light came from the lamp hanging over the head of Sapna Choudhury.


I spend a good amount of time reading books, watching videos about books, buying books and arranging and re-arranging books. I wasn’t much of a reader three years ago; in fact I think I just read six or seven books in the year 2017. I found my profound love for reading in the year 2018,…

Chaos and dark colors

How long before people with cracked minds shatter into pieces? How long before their dark red blood spills on the mosaic floors revealing everything, setting everything free? Days? Weeks? Months? One Day?

The choice on a Saturday morning

She had spent two decades of her life talking to people she didn’t like, touching the feet of relatives she didn’t respect, going to social gatherings that made her feel lonely. She had spent two decades of her life trying to please everybody and she was tired of it all.