Organizing tips and ideas

I am one of those people who uses multiple apps and planners to organise and keep track of their day and their to-do list. Last year this time I wasn’t this well organised. I had never owned a planner until the beginning of this year, and so often I had to rush to complete a project or to study for a test. Since the beginning of this year I have started to make a conscious effort to organise myself. I absolutely hate cluttered space and cluttered mind. Starting from my mobile phone and bag to my closet and book shelf, everything is organised. I plan my days ahead and set specific goals for the month and the week. Right now I am training to improve my running, so I sit with my diary on Sunday night and I plan my workouts for the week. Before any exam, I plan every hour of my day, so that I am not underutilising the vital moments leading up to the exam. Basically, I have turned into an organising freak. And I can’t help but feel proud, because being neat and organised has helped me to be stress-free and efficient. Therefore, I encourage you to try to organise your surrounding space and your days. I know it is already May, but you can still make a new ‘new year’ resolution. If you’re wondering why you should invest time and money in organising, I will give you some reasons.

1: Getting organised reduces stress – A cluttered work space or bedroom can never promote happiness. Your mind will start to mirror the mess around you and you can never function at your best. It is no surprise that not knowing what is due when can cause stress. So, it is way better to plan ahead and be on top of things. Also knowing where you can find what can rid you of the stress of finding things.

2: Getting organised boosts self-confidence – Once you start getting organised you’re better able to meet deadlines, keep track of your things, accomplish things on your to-do list and show up to places on time. You’d feel like you are finally getting your sh*t together and that will make your self-confidence soar high.

3: Getting organised makes you more productive – A no brainer right? When you are organised, you know what things you are expected to complete in a particular day/week/month. You are not walking into a new day/week/month with hazy ideas. This makes you more productive, you get more work done and you spend less time fooling around and sorting through your mental mess. Also, having an organised space will save you time looking for your jeans and sneakers and you can go to the grocery store before all the oat milk packets run out.   

4:  Getting organised improves health – When you have already pre-prepped your dinner, there is little chance that will binge on something unhealthy. When you have the workouts of the week planned out, you would be motivated to go to the gym and work towards your goal. You can actually focus on regular exercising and healthy eating when you’re not always looking for your gym membership card and LSF Hot Body Meal Plan. When you’re organised you actually get ample time to pamper yourself with a bath because you get all your things done within a stipulated time.

How to be organised?

If you’re reading this, there is a high probability that you aren’t familiar with organising and planning. It is okay, I have got you covered!

1: Start slow – It is important to start slow. DO NOT overwhelm yourself with a dozen of apps and planners. The first step is to go and buy a spiral notebook. Put in today’s date. Then, note down your ‘wake-up time’ and a ‘To-do list for today’. Go through your day keeping in mind your ‘To-do list’ and get as many things as is possible for you without overexerting yourself. It is VERY important to make small, specific and realistic goals that you can achieve. At the end of the day, notice how you feel and then tick off items on your ‘To-do list’. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t done all the things on the list, give yourself some time and take things slow. Also make a note of the time you spend exercising, studying, watching Netflix, reading book, listening to a podcast, doing devotional reading, etc. Keep track of what you eat. Before you go to bed plan for the next day. On Sundays write down some goals you want to achieve in the coming week.

2: Use your google calendar – The app has been sitting in your phone for years and you have never given it any importance. Well, it is time you opened the app and synced it with you google account. Set reminders so that you don’t miss deadlines, tests, birthdays, anniversaries, events and appointments. We all know how difficult it is to get a hair appointment at your favourite hair salon, so probably it is best not to miss it.

3: Set a date to sort through texts and emails – How many unread emails and texts are there on your phone? A scary number? Set a date and time to sit and answer and delete those emails and texts. Unsubscribe the emails from that one horoscope page that you subscribed to when you were thirteen and were waiting for the stars to line up so that you could approach your crush. Call that friend you were supposed to call last week.

4: Set a date to clean – Take on the house deep-cleaning mission one room at a time. Start with the closet (we all know that is always the messiest one) then move your way into the bedroom, toilet, kitchen, study and living room. Water those plants that you have left dry for days, change the water of the flower vases and throw away the dead plants and flowers.

5: Use apps to help you – There are three apps that I use other than the spiral notebook to keep myself on track – Samsung health, Trello and Yazio. I use Samsung health to keep track of my workouts, active time, calories burnt and sleep duration. Trello ( is for noting down the things that I need to get done; it is the best app if you want to plan ahead and want to be reminded of the things you are supposed to do. Yazio ( has tons of healthy recipes and meal plans, whether you’re into intermittent fasting or low carb and sugar diet. You can log in the food that you are eating. That way you can keep track of your eating habits.

The key to live an organised life is consistency, sticking to a routine and sometimes bending the rules for your own benefit. Try to incorporate the above things in your life, one thing at a time, and slowly watch yourself grow. Being messy is not cool or sexy, it is unhealthy for both your mind and body. You will notice a considerable change in different aspects of your life once you start getting organised. Best of luck.  

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